Finding The Compass Within Yourself w/ Alexandra Sitch

Join Alexandra and get clear insight in her approach to conflicts, psychology, and how to empower yourself with felt sense and nature. This event will teach you how to use crystal clear communication and animals for a pure connection with yourself and others!

The event starts on November 24th with a one time Fee of $97 USD. 



Workshop Topics Include

  • Development of emotional intelligence and authentic communication skills
  • Analyzing relationships, sources of conflict and verbal solutions
  • Learning to recognize past wounds, vulnerability, and inner potential
  • Accessing felt sense and visualization for personal development
  • Working with animals to help you on your inner journey! 

About Alexandra

After her studies in International Relations and Conflict Resolution in Europe, speaking 8 languages fluently, Alexandra worked as an interpreter and intercultural mediator in organizations in Europe and the Middle East.

With her knowledge of nature constellations she started to help business leaders, teams and people with personal issues looking for alternative solutions and therapy. With much knowledge of culture, psychology, energywork, she is interested in the universal elements of communication.

She lives in France and regularly organizes mediation, cross cultural seminars and self empowerment workshops across Europe and the US.

Bestselling author of: “The Universal Language of Nature”


See Why People Are Raving!

“Alexandra works with great professionalism, respect, consciousness, empathy and guides us deep into blocks and emotions which need to be seen and released. One of the most energetic experiences of my life!”
- Gioia Carducci, Client Systemic Coaching & Mediation

“Having an experience with her as a systemic coach was an opportunity for growth and observation of the dynamics that we often unknowingly trigger. We highly recommend a session with her to everyone, she cannot be explained, only lived”
- MS Germany

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Come join an intentional community where connections are cherished and opportunities grow.